Meetups College Park

Measuring the Mass Public's Policy Ideology using Large-Scale Survey Data

Professor Warshaw from George Washington University will present his recent published paper " Measuring the Mass Public's Policy Ideology using Large-Scale Survey Data".

Summary: Until recently, the study of public opinion and representation was hobbled by the lack of high-quality information about the mass public's policy ideology at various geographic levels. The advent of new data sources and statistical methods, however, has greatly enhanced scholars' capacity to describe public opinion in countries, states, legislative districts, cities, and other subnational units. These advances in measurement have in turn revolutionized the study of representation. In this talk, I will summarize new approaches to the measurement of the mass public's policy ideology. I will review several projects in which I have estimated the mass public's policy ideology in Europe, the American states, and large cities in the United States. I will also briefly discuss some of the implications of this research for representation. Finally, I will discuss new developments in the study of representation and public opinion, and where I see research in this area going in the future

15th May, from 11 to 12:30 pm in Chincoteague 1109.

Indecent Disclosures: Anti-Corruption Reforms and Political Selection

Cracking down on corruption has become a key tool for politicians to build popular support. But little is known about whether anti-corruption measure actually change politicians' behavior. Prof. David Szakonyi evaluates the electoral effects of a common reform - mandatory financial disclosures - using a quasi-experimental design on 26,048 elections in Putin-era Russia. David Szakonyi find that incumbents are less likely to seek re-election if, upon winning, they will have to reveal their wealth.

18th April, from 5 to 6:15 pm in Morril 1101